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Hot Rolled Section Mill

ZZ has designed and manufactured more than 40 hot section production lines for customers, covering 100-1600mm sections including: H-beams, I-beams, Angles, channels, rails, sheet piles, trough rails and other section products. The mill layout can be fully continuous arrangement, 2HI semi-continuous arrangement and 3HI semi-continuous configuration to meet customers’ requirements for annual capacity ranging from 0.1 MTPA to 3 MTPA.  

Three and four sizes of billets/blooms can be used to produce 40 to 50 sizes of sections with the high efficiency roll pass designed by ZZ for hot section mills, optimizing the roll pass designs and high yield and low cost.



Liaoning Zizhu 1100mm Hot Rolling H-beam Section & Steel Sheet Pile Production Line


ZZ's Advantages in Complete Hot Section Production Lines: 
1、Covering 100~1200mm full series of production lines;
2、ZZ will provide different equipment configuration and production processes to customers for their various requirements on product mix and annual capacity.
3、ZZ has rich experience in the design and manufacturing of over 40 hot section mills, with time-tested and highly reliable equipment;
4、ZZ has three manufacturing bases with a total area of over 300,000 m2 and more than 300 sets of high-precision CNC machining tools to provide customers with high performance/price ratio products of high quality and quick lead time.
5、ZZ is experienced in scores of overseas rolling mill projects. 
6、ZZ's Business Scope includes the design and supply of production process, mechanical equipment, electric drive/control and automation system, hydraulic/lubrication system, water treatment plants, de-dusting system, plant design, and reheating furnace, etc.


Hebei Jinxi Steel 1200mm hot rolled H beam section & steel sheet pile production line

Alliance Steel (M) Sdn. Bhd. 500mm hot rolled H beam production line in Malaysia

 Jianlong Steel 500mm hot rolled H beam production line


Lautan Steel 400mm hot rolled H beam production line in Indonesia

Jinding Steel 600mm hot rolled H beam production line

Tangshan Tianzhu Steel 300mm hot rolled H beam production line


Full continuous rolling production line for small steel angles and channels for Tangshan Jinzhou Steel

Liaoning Zizhu 600mm hot rolled H beam & Rail production line

 Fujian Wuhang Steel 600mm hot rolled H beam production line


Anshan Baode Steel 500mm hot rolled H beam production line

Jinnan Steel 600mm hot rolled H beam production line

Fujian Dingsheng Steel 600mm hot rolled H beam production line


Cooling bed for small section steel

Customer products - U-shaped steel sheet piles

Customer products - Z-shaped steel sheet piles




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