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Hydraulic Cylinders

ZZ's Advantages: 

1、ZZ has three manufacturing bases with a total area of over 300,000 m2 and more than 400 sets of high-precision CNC machining tools to provide customers with high performance/price ratio products of high quality and quick lead time.
2、ZZ is experienced  of overseas  projects. Previously provided metallurgical equipment to over 20 countries

3、ZZ has 150 engineers and strong design capabilities.
4、ZZ's Business Scope includes the design and supply of production process, mechanical equipment, electric drive/control and automation system, hydraulic/lubrication system, water treatment plants, de-dusting system, plant design, and reheating furnace, etc.

5、Total quality management is applied in every process of ZZ’s products, from  engineering, procurement, manufacturing process route plan, machining, assembly, and commissioning.




ZZ Hydraulic Cylinder Series Products



Hydraulic Cylinder Test Rig



Hydraulic Cylinders For Metallurgy




Servo Hydraulic Cylinder



Hydraulic Cylinder to be Assembled



Hydraulic Cylinder Parts




Servo Hydraulic Cylinder For Metallurgy



Hydraulic Cylinder For Metallurgy



Hydraulic Cylinder 





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