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              Address:Beichen National-level Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tianjin, China      

        Tel:+86-022-86996623, +86-022-86996652 Fax:+86-022-86996652 Zip Code:300402


Tianjin Zhongzhong Science & Technology Engineering Co., Ltd (for short ZZ) was established in June, 2001. It is located in Tianjin Beichen National Economic and Technical Development Area and is closed to Tianjin Port on its east, to the Tianjin-Jixian Expressway on its north and Tianjin International Airport on its south. The company’s advantageous location makes its transportation by road and sea very convenient.



Tianjin Zhongzhong Science & Technology Engineering Co., Ltd
Tel:+86-022-86996623, +86-022-86996652
Fax:  +86-022-86996652
Zip Code:300402
Add.:Beichen  Economic and Technological Development 
Zone, Tianjin, China


Numerical Control Reform of Common Machine Tool in Digital Environment
NC Machine Tool Fault Analysis and Maintenance
The normal operation of the software and hardware functions of CNC machine tools is strictly dependent on the setting of system parameters.
Research Status of CNC Transformation at Home and Abroad
Some developed countries such as Japan, the United States and Europe pay great attention to CNC transformation.
The Necessity of NC Transformation of Ordinary Machine Tools
Common machine tools have deficiencies in the digital environment and the advantages of ordinary machine tools after CNC transformation