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The Necessity of NC Transformation of Ordinary Machine Tools

The Necessity of NC Transformation of Ordinary Machine Tools

Common machine tools have deficiencies in the digital environment and the advantages of ordinary machine tools after CNC transformation

Common Machine Tools Have Deficiencies in the Digital Environment


Ordinary machine tools are limited by technology, and they are far from CNC machine tools in terms of processing accuracy, processing quality stability, reliability, production efficiency, improving labor conditions, and modernizing production management. Ordinary machine tools are simple in process and single in function, and can only be operated in a single process, but the production requirements for more process parts and complex parts cannot be completed.


Machining time and auxiliary time often affect efficiency. Ordinary machine tools have low machining accuracy and low degree of automation. Many operating procedures depend on workers. The labor intensity is high and the consistency of product quality is poor, usually high quality of processed parts cannot be guaranteed.


The Advantages of Ordinary Machine Tools after CNC Transformation


Flexible, CNC machine tools are different from ordinary machine tools. When processing parts, many fixtures and molds need to be made and often replaced. The parts are processed on the modified CNC machine tool. The key depends on the design, input, and editing of the program, It is not necessary to adjust the machine tool frequently. The quality of the processed parts is stable and the consistency is good. A batch of parts is processed on the same CNC machine tool using the same processing program and tools. The processing conditions are completely the same and the tool path is the same; the production efficiency is high. The CNC machine tool is the same as the ordinary machine tool. In contrast, the auxiliary time and processing time of parts matched with the tool magazine of the machining center can be effectively reduced. The CNC machine tool allows the machine tool to perform powerful cutting with a large cutting amount, and the range of the feed amount is expanded.


In addition, it can be used in conjunction with the tool magazine of the machining center to realize the continuous processing of multiple processes on one machine tool. The turnaround time between the processes is greatly reduced and the productivity is improved.


The processing precision of CNC machine tools can generally reach 0.05mm-0.1mm. The average error of the screw pitch of the CNC machine tool and the feed backlash of the transmission chain can be compensated by the CNC device. The CNC machine tool controls its processing accuracy through the form of digital signals Each time the machine tool moves a pulse equivalent, the CNC device needs to output a pulse signal. Therefore, the positioning accuracy of the CNC machine tool is relatively high.


Using modern production management, when the CNC machine tool is processing parts, it can standardize the fixtures and tools used, and accurately estimate the auxiliary time and processing time of the part to achieve modern management. Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools have improved working condition. Before processing, the CNC machine tool is adjusted, the program is entered and started, and the CNC machine tool automatically and continuously processes the parts until the parts are processed.