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About Us

Zhongzhong Science & Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.


Zhongzhong Science & Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (for short ZZ) was established in June, 2001. It is located in Tianjin Beichen National Economic and Technical Development Area and is closed to Tianjin Port on its east, to the Tianjin-Jixian Expressway on its north and Tianjin International Airport on its south. The company's advantageous location makes its transportation by road and sea very convenient.


ZZ has been identified as National New Hi-tech Enterprise、Tianjin Trustworthy and Contract-respecting Enterprise、Tianjin Leading Science& Technology Giant Enterprise、Tianjin Top 100 Technology Innovation Enterprise、Tianjin International Technology Service Enterprise、AAA Level Enterprise 、Advanced Enterprise for the Implementation of National Torch-plan Project、Outstanding large Taxpayer Contribution Enterprise in Tianjin Beichen.


ZZ established Tianjin Zhongzhong Electrical Drive& Automation Co., Ltd、Tianjin Zhongzhong Hydraulic& Lubrication Equipment Co., Ltd、Tianjin Zhongzhong Environment Protection Engineering Co., Ltd, the products of which covers high-end metal complete rolling equipment and machinery in the field of environment protection engineering. Established the strategy of relying on technological progress to promote the development of the enterprise, concentrated on the development of metallurgical complete equipment, and the leading products were positioned as complete sets of equipment for the production line of opto-mechanical and hydraulic integration, hot rolled and cold rolled strip、section steel、non-ferrous and medium-thick plate and rod and wire rolling production lines and special metal rolling equipment. The company currently has a market share of more than 90% in medium-thick precision steel strip production line. It has implemented a policy of developing green steel structure and 100% market share of the domestically produced steel production line.


ZZ has over 150 sets of various machining equipment and heavy machining and assembly workshops with 400t cranes whose lifting height 24m, and over 50 beam-and-axis-movable NC gantry boring machining center made in Germany, the United States, Italy, the Czech Republic and other countries , 4 sets HAAS machining centers, 5 × 16m bridge CNC moving beam gantry boring and milling machine, Beiyi production horizontal machining center, 3.5 × 16m CNC gantry milling, 160/200/260 floor CNC boring and milling machine, large double column CNC Domestic and foreign advanced twin-column vertical NC machining tools. ZZ is also equipped with a physicochemical laboratory with precise electrical and optical instruments.


ZZ has always focused on great importance to technological innovation and has always strengthened the construction of R & D teams and R & D platforms. It has accumulated a lot of R & D and design experience, and has achieved couples of domestic and international advanced technological achievements. The 2016 Super-heavy CMA Universal Mill Key Technology and Research Project has been proved by experts and academicians to be internationally advanced and has been awarded the second prize for 2017 Metallurgical Science and Technology Prize.These achievements have been converted into real production in Liaoning Zizhu Group and rolled out the only Z-piles in Asia which are sold to European and Amercian markets. The company currently has 112 R & D personnel, accounting for more than 30% of the total number. There are 5 senior titles and more than 30 intermediate titles. It has 7 invention patents and nearly 150 utility model patents. The company's self-developed universal H-beam production line series was identified as Tianjin's Key Products and the short-stress-line mills have been awarded Tianjin's professional special new products. For years, the company has undertaken more than 20 government awards and industry awards, including one national torch project and five provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards. The company has Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center and Tianjin Enterprise Key Laboratory. At the call of the national Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy, it has signed industry-university-research cooperation agreements with Yanshan University and University of Science &Technology Beijing, and has carried out cooperative R & D on a series of projects including "online profile detection technology for steel profiles", and has achieved results transformation . At present ZZ is actively preparing for the establishment of the national cold rolled strip equipment and process engineering technology research center-Tianjin Zhongzhong Technology Branch Center with Yanshan University.


Products by ZZ have been widely sold in 22 provinces in China, main customers including over one hundred domestically well-known enterprises, such as CSIS, 725 Institute, Jinxi Group, etc. Meanwhile, ZZ takes an active role in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative and sticks to the go out policy, expand overseas market, with its products sold to customers in MalaysiaIndonesia, Thailand, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, South Africa, Sudan and other countries. It has designed and produced about 100 series 300-1700mm hot-rolled strip production lines , 1450-3000mm hot-rolled plate production lines, 100-1200mm universal H-beam production lines, bar and wire production lines and various low alloy steels and special steel rolling equipment for domestic and foreign customer, the company has completely independent intellectual property rights to fill the domestic blank brand products and monopolize the domestic market, each product technology level reached the international advanced level. At the same time, ZZ has provided series of products for national defense military industry and Airbus projects.


ZZ will continue to adhere to the orientation of innovation and actively respond to the policy of "taking innovation as a major national strategy for the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei" to help Tianjin build national advanced manufacturing R & D base.