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Tianjin zhongzhong technology engineering co. LTD.



  Heavy in tianjin science and technology engineering co., LTD. Was established in June 2001, is located in tianjin beichen state-level economic and technological development zone of China, tianjin port in the east, jin ji expressway to the north, tianjin airport in the south, the geographical position is superior, the land, sea and air transportation is very convenient.

  Company is a national high-tech enterprise, honored the contract unit of tianjin, tianjin science and technology leading enterprise, little giant enterprise of tianjin science and technology innovation, the tianjin international science and technology service enterprises, AAA credit unit ", "advanced enterprise of national torch plan" and "tianjin beichen large taxpayer contributions to enterprises.

  Company set up electric drive automation co., LTD., hydraulic lubrication equipment co., LTD., in environmental protection engineering co., LTD., products cover high-end metal rolling complete sets of equipment, environmental engineering, etc. Establishment of relying on technological progress to promote enterprise development strategy, with great concentration on the development of metallurgical equipment, integration of leading product positioning for optical liquid, hot and cold rolled strip steel, steel, non-ferrous, and medium thickness plate and bar wire rod rolling line series of complete sets of equipment and special metal rolling equipment. At present, the company has more than 90% market share in China wide precision strip steel production line, and in the implementation of the green steel structure policy, the market share of the production line is 100%.

  Company has a variety of processing equipment more than 150 sets, lifting height of 24 m, lifting capacity of 400 tons of heavy processing and assembly workshop, including countries such as Germany, the United States, Italy, the Czech republic beams made of more than 50 Taiwan mobile gantry machining center, four HAAS processing center, 5 x 16 meters north bridge dynamic beam gantry boring and milling machine, CNC horizontal machining center, a production 3.5 x 16 m CNC gantry milling, 160/200/260 landing nc boring and milling machine, large CNC double column vertical lathe, the domestic and foreign advanced CNC machine tools. Physical and chemical laboratory with laser tracker and other precision electronic optical instruments.

  The company has always attached importance to scientific and technological innovation, and has always strengthened the construction of r&d team and research and development platform. Accumulated a lot of research and development, design experience, successively obtained dozens of domestic leading, international advanced technology results. Company in 2016 "large steel CMA universal mill key technology and technological research and development" project, identified by the member of expert group, has reached the international leading level, in June 2017, the project won the second prize of the metallurgical science and technology prize, and implement the achievement transformation, successfully produced in liaoning anshan zizhu group, and rolling out the only Asian z-type steel sheet pile, exported to Europe and the United States. The company currently has 112 research and development personnel, accounting for more than 30% of the total number, 5 senior professional titles and over 30 intermediate titles. It has 7 invention patents and nearly 150 utility model patents. The company independently researched and developed the all-purpose H shape steel production line, which is recognized as the first mace products in tianjin, and the short stress linear universal mill has been awarded the new certificate of tianjin special fine. Over the years, the company has undertaken a total of more than 20 government awards and industry awards, including five national torch projects and five provincial science and technology progress awards. The company has tianjin enterprise technology center, tianjin enterprise key laboratory. Under the call of beijing-tianjin-hebei collaborative development strategy in the country, with the industry-university-institute cooperation agreement of yanshan university, Beijing university of science and technology, the including "steel online contour detection technology", a series of cooperation projects of research and development, transformation, and achieve results. The former company is actively preparing for the construction of the national cold rolling strip equipment and technology research center of yanshan university, tianjin zhongzhong technology sub-center.

  The company's products have been sold in 22 provinces and cities in China, and more than 100 companies including zhongchuan heavy industry, 725 and hebei jinxi. All the way at the same time, the company actively respond to a nation "neighbourhood" policy, insist on going out strategy, expand the overseas market, are exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, South Africa, Sudan and other countries. Successively for domestic and foreign users design and manufacture the nearly 300-1700 mm hot rolling strip production line, 1450-3000 mm hot rolling plate production line, 100-1200 mm universal h-beam production line, rod wire production line and a variety of low alloy steel and special metal rolling production equipment, the company has fully independent intellectual property rights of fill the blank of the domestic brand name products and monopolize the domestic market, the product technology reached the international advanced level. At the same time, the company has provided a range of products for projects such as defense contractors and airbus.

  In science and technology will continue to adhere to innovation as the guide, actively respond to the "innovation as the major national strategy to carry out the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei" policy, in order to achieve a national research and development of advanced manufacturing base in tianjin.